​​​​How long have you been filming weddings? And how many do you do per year?

We have been filming weddings since 2011. Scott started filming weddings his Junior Year at St. Cloud State University for friends and family and we've grown from there! On average we now do about 15 weddings per year.

Are there any other pros in the area you love to work with?
We've had the pleasure of working with MANY professionals throughout Minnesota! From DJ's, photographers, wedding planners, etc. During the day we work closest with the photographers. Our favorite pro photographers to work with have been the sisters over at Laura Leigh Images,  Brent Schoepf from Horse and Lantern, and Eric Vest from Eric Vest Photography. These people have been very easy to work with and understand the importance of working as a team. We are thrilled any time we get to work with them.

How would you describe your style - more documentary, cinematic or a mix of both?

We would describe our style as a mix of both, a lot of the style depends on the bride and the way the day goes. We enjoy documenting everything about your day and adding a cinematic flair that sets us apart.


What input do you want from us, and what do you prefer to have final say on?

We want to create the wedding video that you want. We invite you to give us suggestions! There are a lot of wedding videos out there and we love seeing examples of what you are envisioning for your video. We have yet to have the 'final say' on anything. We love working together to make your vision come to life. We also understand that with all the planning you've gone through, you just want someone to put it together without making a lot of suggestions! We are great at that too!

How does your pricing work?

We have our pricing listed on our pricing page with no hidden costs! We have a few pre-made package suggestions for your convience. You are also welcome to build your own package using our ala-cart pricing. 

Will you be shooting any other weddings the weekend of my wedding? Will you be the one shooting on the day of?

​We generally limit ourselves to one wedding per day, however there have been a couple busy weekends during the summer that 2 brides have really wanted us to film. When this situation arises we talk to the second couple to book and make sure they are okay with us sending other employees (generally at least Scott or Kendra will be at the wedding). Any employee that is at your wedding has been carefully checked out and has shot with us before. We do not bring anyone that we do not trust to do the job to our standards.

What does your camera and equipment look like?

We primarily shoot with Canon DSLRs and have a variety of different lenses for different situations. We also own a couple GoPro cameras that we may bring to capture a time lapse or two depending on the venue. Nothing bothers us more than unstable shaky shots. We make sure to bring a tripod for each camera, a monopod for tight spaced/moving shots and a few other gadgets to get you the production value you deserve. We use a wireless mic that we clip onto the groom during the ceremony to capture the vows. We also have high quality microphones that attach to our cameras to pickup the speech audio. If you have a DJ, or an attendant running a sound board, we can usually plug in and get a clean audio feed from all the events of the day. 

​​Will there be a second shooter, a stationary camera or any other backup cameras on hand for our wedding?

In order to keep our prices low- there are times where we will not have a second shooter present (please see the package descriptions for the number of videographers). Having a second shooter usually allows us to get better shots then we would be able to get solo, but we understand that it's not in everyone's budget. We are well trained in where to have a stationary camera while shooting solo so we can still get multiple angles of the same shots. We also always have at least one backup camera running during the ceremony.

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