When promoting your brand, products, services or company in any way quality is important. If the video you provide your clients lacks in clarity, in a visual or verbal sense it won’t be doing your company any good. Shady Oak Studios, located in Minneapolis, MN, is an experienced video production company that has been providing professional testimonial videos, time lapses, and interviews that have benefited many. Our professional video services can help you communicate and persuade your potential clients. 

See happy clients, provide information or instruction to help your consumers and they will be grateful. Shady Oak Studios has successfully created multiple, high quality videos that help companies reach their prospective clients and showcase their talent. There are multiple ways to go about creating a visually and vocally appealing video that will attract many new clients. 

Testimonial Videos

Boost your credentials, portray satisfied, past clients and give your company an edge with our video testimonial creations. Instead of having an interested party read what you say you have to offer, have them watch a positive video of a past client. It’s a lot more intriguing and influential to hear about another’s positive experience, as opposed to a company boasting about results that may not be completely factual. 

Timelapse Videos

​Showcase your skill, attentiveness and completed work with a timelapse video. Our professional videographers can manipulate time, which allows your viewers see the before, after and everything in-between. Something that has taken you days, months or years - your clients can see in a matter of minutes. Advertise, create a message and promote – anything you can imagine, we can create. 

About us

​Get more personal on your website by including a video on your ‘About Us’ page. This will give your consumers a feeling that you are more than a name on the screen. They’ll know your face, voice and so when it’s you that picks up their phone call or answering their door, they will be more comfortable because you are more familiar to them.


​This one-on-one video is designed to help portray a stance, method or view. Regardless of your direct intentions an interview will give you or your interviewee more face time, likely positively influencing your brand, views or actions behind behaviors. There are countless options that will benefit your business when including a professionally created, staged and edited video interview. 

Professional Business Video Creations Minneapolis MN

​There are still more professional video options that can provide your company with positive feedback and customer interaction, such as Sponsorship Videos and even How-To Videos. We are open to new marketing video ideas and can guarantee clarity and direction with our finished business video creations. Contact us for more information and to set up your desired business video creation.