Are you looking to find talented videographers that can clearly portray a distinct style, message or lasting impression in just one video? If so, Shady Oak Studios is your best Minneapolis, MN video service option. Our video production services include presenting a personalized wedding video that will capture your love and tell the story of your special day together, creating reputable business videos and reviews that can improve new customer relationships, or going behind the scenes and getting more up-close and personal at popular or local sporting events. From a personal, professional or an advertising perspective we have the knowledge, experience and dedication to create videos that will leave a mark on your audience. 

Wedding V​ideos

​Wedding videos are becoming increasingly popular because they tell the story, show the emotions and capture the details of your special day- in ways still pictures simply can’t. Having a videographer at your wedding is a way to capture every aspect of your day, from beginning to end – so you can relive it all again. Feel the butterflies, see the passion and remember the happiness of everyone surrounding you. Our team of talented videographers are dedicated to creating wedding videos inspired by your personal love story.

Business Videos

Engage your future customers and separate yourself from your competition by including professional videos on your company’s website.  Including a more personal, yet professional video can help your customers relate, agree or purchase your merchandise. Whether your intentions are to market your business online, increase positive interaction with your clients on popular social media sites or allow your quality workmanship to get more exposure – professional videos are proven to deliver productive results. 

Athletic Videos

​Boost attendance, increase interest and amp up your fans by having our professional videographers create a sports video that can highlight the past, present or future season and games or get more personal with the team. Our videographers are avid about flawless video results that will intrigue both long time enthusiasts and newcomers. Whether it’s capturing the game or the players, no one does it better than Shady Oak Studios. 

Professional Videographers Minneapolis MN​

Our videographers have the experience you need for your important personal or professional life events. From weddings to commercials and promoting your local sports team we can complete any vision you have. Our team’s passion is to provide you with a video creation that you can’t get enough of. Contact Shady Oak Studios for all of your professional videography needs today through our online form.

Our videographers have the experience you need on your wedding day or project.  From weddings to commercials & promoting your local sports team we can complete any vision you have.